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Raid Suleiman, PhDĀ 

Sara helped me see my faults and provided valuable advice to overcome them.

Anna Volerman, MD

Sara is a consummate professional with tremendous skill in terms of science communication. Her vast experience makes well-poised to immediately contribute and her ideas elevated our project significantly. She’s also incredibly engaging in the classroom with students of all levels—from high school to graduate school.

Adriana Bermeo-Ovalle, MD

We loved having Sara and will be much better communicators because of her! We learned a lot and faculty loved it.

Optimize Your Business & Brand

Want to reach more people, scale your health-related business, and boost your personal brand?

Get a custom diagnosis and treatment plan.

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Become a Powerful Speaker

Forget about fears of public speaking or being on camera.

Learn science-based techniques as superpowers to connect with audiences from all backgrounds!

What You Get:

  • Ā Individual feedback on your storytelling and body language/presentation skills.
  • Ā A diagnosis and science-based personalized treatment plan to take your talks to the next level.
  • Ā A 45-minute, 1:1 virtual coaching call with me.

Send me a video of either a talk you've given or one that you're prepping to deliver. (Cell phone recording is fine, we just need to analyze your body language!) And we'll connect over virtual coffee/tea to dive in!


Access videos & instruction to help you CUT OUT THE CONFUSION.

Create a Catchy One-Liner for Science and Medicine

Create a memorable one-liner to stick in people's minds and boost your career.

Perform A Jargonectomy

No anesthesia required! The most cited academic papers do not contain jargon in their titles. The National Academy of Medicine has determined health literacy is a critical part of health equity. And research shows when the public sees jargon - it makes them BELIEVE IN SCIENCE LESS. Learn how to use your words with surgical precision and apply techniques to create engaging content about health and science topics.

Create a Fabulous Foundation

Go from not knowing where to start, what your goal is, or how to get there, to having a clear, concrete outline that guides your message so that you can hit your milestones. The framework you’ll learn can be applied to any form of communication - writing, delivering a presentation, having a strategic conversation - EVERYTHING. It’s the foundation that will keep your core message strong.


Team Awesome

Team Awesome meets for virtual tea or coffee at 10 a.m. on the 3rd Saturday of each month. Get the latest comms tips, overcome hurdles, workshop, and celebrate wins! One glorious hour. Lots of laughs and virtual high-fives.