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Whether you're trying to build a recruitment plan for your health research, secure funding from donors, get institutional support for your work, scale your business or more - strategic storytelling and science communication will help you CUT OUT THE CONFUSION and reach your goals.

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Jargonectomy offers what might typically be referred to as business management consulting, strategic planning, and business advisory services. Whether that's for medical, scientific or educational individuals and entities - such as hospitals, health systems, medical clinics, government entities, non-profits, media consulting firms, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, digital advertising companies, universities, museums, start-up businesses, or any other business - Jargonectomy helps them CUT OUT THE CONFUSION and connect with the public.

Jargonectomy also provides consulting services for individuals and entities in the field of design, planning, and implementation project management of scientific research, scientific health research, and clinical trials.

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