$980.00 USD

Become a Powerful Speaker

Forget about fears of public speaking or being on camera for news or social media content.

Learn science-based techniques as a super power to connect with audiences from all backgrounds!

  • I've taught more than a hundred executives, physicians, scientists, undergrads at one of the top universities in the world on how to boost their body language and storytelling to accomplish their goals.

Bonus: As a licensed private detective, I'll share with you ways to connect with people of all backgrounds.

What You Get:

  • Individual feedback on your storytelling and body language/presentation skills.

  • A diagnosis and science-based personalized treatment plan to take your talks to the next level.

  • A 45-minute, 1:1 virtual coaching call with me.

Send me a video of either a talk you've given or one that you're prepping to deliver. (Cell phone recording is fine, we just need to analyze your body language!) And we'll connect over virtual coffee/tea to dive in!